there are many things Huck does that show how he is becoming a man and show strong senses of what morality is and what decisions he makes.

1. when he is uneasy about the gang with Tom and friends. “As for me, i warnt all for the idea of the gang” chapter 2.

2. when Huck is thinking about running away from pap (he eventually does). “…get so far away that the old man nor the widow could find me anymore” chapter 6

3. when he is thinking of turning Jim in so he wont be free. “I got to feelings so mean and so miserable that I most wished I was dead.” chapter 16

4. When he decides to help the two men being chased for their lives (the king and the duke). This shows how much he has matured and how much smarter he has gotten throughout the story. “They wanted to jump right in but i says– Dont you do it. I don’t hear dogs and horses ye; you’ve got some time to crowd through the brush and get up the crick a little ways; then you take to the water and wade down to me and get in–that’ll throw the dogs off the scent.”

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question number 1

1.   there was a ton of things that happened in the first 7 chapters.  we were introduced to the main character huck, who is an adventerous little kid.  He joined a gang with his friends Tom Sawyer and some of their other freinds from around town, but it ended up to be all pretend.  Then when his dad find out he has all of his money, he trys to get it.  Eventually he brings it to court and loses, and then takes Huck with him to loive off the land in the heavy wooods of Illinois.  Thats as far as iI’ve gotten

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